Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The 4W - my natural disasters

So today I linked up with Mama Kat's vlogging workshop. Which in turn prompted todays 4W...

This my friends, which you probably already know, is a hurricane. I've actually experienced 3 hurricanes in my life. (I don't count Sandy because I, Texas, wasn't directly affected by it)

WHO: (heehee) Hurricane Iniki, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita


WHEN: Hurricane Iniki - September 11, 1992
Hurricane Katrina - August 23, 2005
Hurricane Rita - September 24, 2005 

WHERE: Iniki hit the island of Kaua'i but I was living on O'ahu at the time. We got a ton of rain and crazy wind, but no destruction like the island of Kaua'i
Katrina and Rita both hit Louisiana. I was living in Shreveport at the time. Shreveport is the northern most city in Louisiana. TONS of rain and wind. Lost power for a couple days, our pool was ruined, our yard flooded to our back patio. I also didn't get married on the day I was supposed to either--->Check out the vlog below for the deets. 

You totally have to link up every Wednesday with Mama Kat! It was a ton of fun! And, because I like it so much, I'm turning 4W into a weekly link up as well :-)

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  1. Wow that's crazy! Not only your wedding, but your vow renewals as well!

    And you are amazing on camera!!!!!

    I must look into these vlogging prompts!!

    ♥ Duckie.