Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving menu

3 more days until my very first Thanksgiving. I know y'all are like wait, what?! Well this is the first Thanksgiving that I'm cooking EVERYTHING...well I actually bought a pre made turkey. Nothing too fancy...pretty traditional except for the turkey. The turkey in fact is not just a's a turducken! What is a turducken you ask? Well it's a duck, stuffed inside of a chicken and then the chicken/duck is stuffed inside of a turkey :-) In the words of BamBam... DE-WISH-OUS! LOL

But back to it.

So here is everything that I am making. Oh and just so you know, this has been very overwhelming...the picking of what exactly to cook and what recipes I should "follow."

turducken...actually got one from a local store that prepares, seasons and stuffs them.

green bean casserole...sorta following this recipe which I LOVE!

mashed extra special, yummy buttery mashed potatoes I make for dinner :-)

sweet potatoes in caramel sauce...a little twist on candied yams or regular sweet potato casserole

sweet potato pie...followed this recipe but I'm actually making the pie crust

mac and cheese...I already have a recipe in my head for this :-)

stuffing...not too sure if I'm going to make extra stuffing or not (the turducken is stuffed with cornbread dressing already)

deviled eggs...

mmmmm I'm getting hungry! LOL. What are y'all doing for thanksgiving? Cooking anything extra yummy? Tell me :-)

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  1. your recipe sounds amazing! you go girl for doing everything! wow.

    i'll be doing the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. thinking of baking some brocoli as well! yummy! i can't wait for my sister's baked mac and cheese & my mom's special rice!! i'll be eating Thanksgiving food for weeks ... one of my favorite things about this holiday! :)