Monday, January 28, 2013

Must Have: All Time Fave Nail Polish

There are a TON of nail polish colors out there. And every season, they come out with new's hard to keep up sometimes. They have collections for movies, for people, even Miss Piggy had a collection. I don't get to go and get my nails done as often as I used to, so I LOVE polishing my own nails. It's my go to girly thing. It makes me smile and all my guys notice when I paint my nails.
I like to experiment with different colors...brights, darks, sparkles, name it, I love it. I, probably like most girls, have quite an extensive collection of nail polish colors. But there is one color that is my absolute FAVE. It makes me swoon. It takes me to warm, sunny, white sand IS THAT SERIOUS :-)

I'm talking about OPIs Cajun Shrimp! This is my GO TO matter the season! It's fun and bright and keeps me thinking of summer time all year long :-)

*this was last year: acrylic nails with cajun shrimp gel polish*

Here is just the regular nail polish color:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! LOL. I have 2 bottles of this in my collection. And you know what...I think I'm going to take off the polish I have now and put on some Cajun Shrimp LOL.

Do you have a favorite, go to nail polish color? Let me know what it is...if its not in my collection, I'll be sure to snag one up and try it out.


  1. you know what? i don't have a favorite. i have so many colors and so many polishes that i can't even pick a favorite. i'm like you and LOVE polishing my nails. i don't go to the nail salon as much as i use to because sometimes i leave feeling like i could have done a better job.

    i am going to have to pick up this color! LOVE it.

  2. yes, there are two in fact: pour me one (a beautiful red) and u never go back; both are by cheeky monkey cosmetics. i LOVE these two colors!

  3. Your nails are really lovely. Beautiful shape. And the polish is lovely too.

  4. You know I don't own one bottle of nail polish. Sad isn't it? The same lady has been doing my nails for the last 5yrs and I just can't compete with her price $10/manicure. I have a standing appointment every other Friday for the last 5 years.

  5. shhexy oh yeah. you got some nail painting skills I would love to steal from


  6. Gorgeous nails! I don't have a favorite color yet but I think I've been leaning more towards simple classic colors lately. And now I'm hungry for cajun shrimp! Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.