Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We are officially "in season"

Boy oh boy...what a weekend! The first of many sports filled weekends for the locker room. Saturday kicked off the new rugby season for Big Daddy. We drove to Rice University for the first rugby match against HARC (Houston Area Rugby Club).

*Big Daddy is #14...yum!*

It was supposed to be 50 degrees...but it was like 40s...with wind...and rain. We held strong...we kept it together. Well the dudes were fine, I was shivering my tiny bum off! LOL.
Here are a couple of shots at the beginning of the match. You see, I have every intention of taking great pics, but I get so involved in the game that, well...screw the pictures! And when I mean I get so involved, I mean I pace the field just like the rest of the team. And I holler. LOUD. And I curse. And you get the picture. I get very emotionally involved.

lined up for kick off

first scrum

line out

that's my guy right there...I thought I had zoomed in but meh whatev

There was also a "major" injury. (Now I say major, but everyone, including myself, were not too phased by it.) I took pictures, but I don't think I'll post them here LOL. They are pretty gruesome. A guy on our team got elbowed super hard in the head and literally knocked out for about 10 seconds. When he got up, his ear was messed up...BAD. He left the game and we were told later that he had to get 10 stitches and his ear drained. Yeah. 

our cold family right after the game. Oh and we won 26-22 :-)

and another...we were photobombed LOL. That's Pierce back there without his shirt...he's single ;-)

The drive back to Austin SUCKED!!! Like SUCKED! It was raining and the wind was blowing, and there was fog, and I was tired...and yes I had to drive back. I mean dude just played 80 minutes of rugby, I couldn't make him drive...even though he did say he could.

Sunday morning we all slept in, well except for Big Daddy. He had to go to 7s training at 10am. (He was selected for a 7s team that would be competing in Las Vegas in February.) After he got home, it was time for a quick lunch and then off to Juju's first football practice of the season.

tossing the ball around before meeting his coach for the season

huddled up with coach Jimmy. He got #14 for his jersey...that's also Big Daddy's number in rugby

he got to play center LOL

Oh what a weekend! And it's only week 1! We have at least 12 more weeks. BamBam doesn't start soccer until the spring (March I believe), but once he does, we will be completely booked. A rugby player, a football player and a soccer player. I have affectionately been dubbed the cheerleader. Pretty fitting if I do say so myself.


  1. so no surprise here but i'm pretty much in love with this post.

    if you don't say at least one swear word when your hubs is playing, something is wrong with you. glad to hear that nothing is wrong with you ;).