Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend recap: Rugby, Aussie Day, Football

What a weekend! I say that all the time don't I? LOL! Our weekend started early Friday night with some rival high school rugby. It's cool because the coaches for each of the 2 teams actually play rugby with Big Daddy for the Austin Blacks. It was hard to cheer for just one team LOL. Though we did cheer for the son of one of the coaches. He's only a freshman, playing on the varsity team. This kid has even played in tournaments with Big Daddy. It was fun! I miss Friday night high school games. The crowd was pumped! Granted it's not like a high school football game, but don't worry...it will be. Rugby is coming up! I also got to see the wife of one of the coaches that night. The last time I seen her was last July when we were in Corpus Christi.

When she saw me, she immediately hugged me and said "Girl! You are half your size!" At first I was a little taken aback but quickly recovered ;-). I was rounder the last time I saw her...I know I was. It just made me feel so good that now other people can see a difference.
Saturday was Aussie day at the rugby pitch. We had music set up, sold merchandise, and even sold some authentic Aussie meat pies. The day started with Division I college rugby (St. Edward's University vs University of Texas) under cloudy skies. I had sandals on and my feet were freezing! But the sun did end up coming out right before our first game.

Look at my handsome guy! Look at them legs! LOL Funny story...he was running back and forth across the field and I kept thinking to myself, something looks different about him. Then I realized, he wasn't wearing tights. THAT's when I heard the guys from the college game "teasing" him (our coach also coaches St. Ed's so we know all those guys). After the game, which they crushed 67-5, he confirmed what I knew...he forgot to pack his tights so he had to play in his underwear. LOL. Our first side (D1) played right after and also won 31-25. The Austin Blacks are now the only undefeated team in Texas. 
Can you spot Big Daddy? And no, he is NOT the one laying on the ground LOL

If you follow me on instagram (@nicolemariejohnson) then you already saw this picture :-) Seriously...look at all that hair on these boys!

There was even a mouse race after.

And some friendly arm wrestling (this was actually a rematch)

We are the Blacks' Belles :-) We made sweet treats for all four teams too.

(I realized that anytime we take a family picture, we're all in the same exact spot)

Sunday was another day of flag football for my sweet Juju. He is really loving it! He says he wants to play tackle when he's in 2nd grade...hmmm...I'm not sure yet lol. He had a great practice. They ran a bunch of different drills and got to run a bunch too.

His team lining up to scrimmage against another team.

So proud! He got his team's first good sportsmanship medal :-)

Mommy's little barbarians.

Another full weekend for us. Oh and don't you worry...like I mentioned before, sweet little BamBam will be in soccer this spring. I love being a boy mom! How was your weekend? Anything fun?


  1. Omg that is a jam-packed weekend, but those are the very best kinds. Whenever we have back-to-back activities I get so exhausted but we all have so much fun. Trace will be starting T-Ball soon and the girls want to join dance so I'll be doing the full mommy thing too. Excited, but kinda freaking out. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. YES I love when all my guys are "in season." I am thinking I might start taking a dance class or start teaching hula again :-)

  2. I love this so much!

    Haha, is he the shirtless one?!

    Your boys are the cutest! I love their hair!

    And I agree, you look so good! You have the best smile and your skin is perfection!