Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cheers to the NEW YEAR!

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!!

Looks delicious right?! It was! It was a pineapple cake. I didn't make it LOL. We rang in the new year with some really good friends of ours (who made the cake). We went and watched the fireworks at Auditorium shores with them at 10pm and spent the rest of the night with them. It was awesome and oh so much fun! Oh and then there was dancing...zumba actually...LOL I still giggle just thinking about it.

New year = a new set of "goals."

Remember Fitness Friday? Well this time around, Duckie and I and our other BBFF Keena, have decided to give it a little something extra to get more people involved and to help keep everyone motivated throughout the year. Enter in:

Oh ya that's right! It's going down...surryous business going on here ;-) A year long fitness "challenge" for anyone and everyone. Our very own club to help motivate and inspire each other on the road to a fit and healthier lifestyle.
It'll follow the same format as Fitness Fridays with tips and tricks and updates on our own workouts. I will also be including some great interviews with other fitness enthusiasts as well as bloggers/vloggers, nutritionists and personal trainers.

You want in? Of course you do!
Here's how it works...

~ YOU set your goals. What are your fitness goals this year? I know you made your resolutions...keep yourself accountable and WRITE THEM DOWN. Now look at those goals...break them down into doable increments-->month by month.

~ You're all planned out and those goals are staring back at you...what now? Well starting this Friday, and every friday from now on, post a current picture of yourself. (Starting next month, only on the 1st friday, along with the current picture you will also post your previous month's picture, dated, side by side). Include with your picture your goal for that month and a mini goal for the upcoming week.

Example of 1st friday of the month post...
Left: 1/3/14 Right: 2/7/14
*this is not my picture, can be found here*

Goal for the month: build more muscle
Goal for the week: 3 days of 20 pushups and 50 squats + commit 1 hour to yoga

Remember to post a new pic every friday with your month goal and week goal. Hold yourself accountable! We want to keep you motivated, and we can't do that if you are not motivated yourself. This does NOT have to be a long blog post whatsoever. You don't even need to blog! You can link up your Instagram pic, tweet, or Facebook status. Use the hashtag #4FRIDAYFITCLUB so we can find you! Come across an awesome quote that you want to share, use the hashtag so everyone in our club can see it too. I for one LOVE progress pics! Tag me on IG or twitter and I'll make sure to send you some love!

~ We give credit where credit is due. Your dedication will not go unnoticed so make sure you are linking up every week. At the end of every month, the 3 of us will get together and select one Fit Fox for the month. This person will receive a sweet little prize and be entered to win our end of the year Friday Fit Club prize pack! WHAT?! PRIZES?! Oh ya! I told you this was serious business. In order to qualify for Fit Fox of the month, you must have posted each week of that month.

And that ladies and gents, is it. Simple, free, and fun! And don't forget the goodies!
So what are you waiting for? Take that awesome selfie and let's get this party started!! Don't forget to grab out butts too! Heehee you know what I mean...


  1. You're inspiring!

    That cake looks amazing!

  2. Loves it I am so excited to see your guys results!!