Friday, January 17, 2014 all my puffy glory :-)

Here I am Day 1 of 30. 

I know you must be wondering what in the world I am talking about. Well...I've been feeling, and looking 'puffy' these last few weeks. I really don't know how else to describe it. I blame it on the stress of me starting school again (oooh more on that in another post). Well my island sister from another mister Kalei (you can find her on YouTube: alohaimlei) posted a selfie on IG talking about day 1 and she feels great and she can already feel differences. So of course I asked her to spill the dang beans. And being the bestest ever, she told me she started a 30 day program and pointed me in the direction of the Nike Training Center app. Say WHAT?!?! I have that app! 
*note: if you've ever followed my separate fitness blog, I've totally posted about the app and workouts on there*
But wait...30 day program? I don't remember there being a 30 day program that you can actually follow. I thought it was just 15-30 min different workouts. Well of course I opened the app and guess what...she was right. Best thing is that YOU create your program. Do you wanna lean out, tone, get's all up to you. So I created my plan (to tone and be lean) and well, there you have it...

Day 1.

*You'll be able to find all my updates and progress photos on IG, so come follow me on my newest journey*


  1. You got this! Excited to follow along on Instagram!

  2. Good Luck on this! dont call your legs puffy...we got same legs lol.

  3. So I just downloaded that app and I'll be posting my pics shortly. And my legs are stubby too so stfu! LOL.