Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Fit Club - Inspiration

When I made the decision to kick my own fitness arse ;-) I looked online (, IG, pinterest, blog/vlogs) for some fitness inspiration. Who did I see and/or read about that made me want to get out from behind my desk and get to the gym. Who, that when I looked at their picture and read their story, would I feel some sort of connection to and make me BELIEVE I could conquer and rule my fitness.

I wanted to know who my 2 co-partners in crime called their inspiration. So I asked. And I received...

Keena aka Lee Muse answered: "Instagram there's this girl : mankofit"
So off to IG I went...and this is who I found...

DAMN! Yup...I instantly re-thought eating the king size snickers someone had just offered me LOL.

Duckie replied: "I think my fitness inspiration would have to be anyone who looks great after having kids!  I'm sure you both (Keena and I) know how hard it is to get rid of that baby pouch after giving birth.  Queen Bey, Gwen Stefani, Kendra Wilkinson...all boss women who can juggle marriage, work, kids, AND still manage to keep themselves HEALTHY not skinny"
Heck ya! Bey is amazeballs! Gwen, amazeballs! fave girl next door...GO KENDRA...amazeballs! I mean who doesn't want to achieve everything these women have: healthy balance. 

So who do I consider my fitness inspiration? Here...I'll show you my fave...

Jamie Eason...WOW! I've known of her for such a long time (mostly from my fave fitness magazines). She is recently married and just had a baby last year. And she is going through what all new moms go through...getting that pre-baby body back. I totally want her arms! Oh and if you're looking for a new workout program, DEFINITELY check out her Live Fit Trainer on're welcome.

Oh and then there are these 2...what makes me love these two is that they're wee littles like me...well not as wee as me ;-) 

Mimi Kong! I swear we have the same bodies! Well not now...but in her before. Like not fat, but not skinny either. Like puffy...just from not being healthy.

Katie Chung Hua! Her overall physique is bananas! And can you believe she is a hockey player?! Yup.

Sometimes people who are closest to us don't share the same (fitness) passion with us. So do we give up? HECK NO! We go out and find our people. Inspiration is everywhere. Dude, get on IG. You're sure to find someone there. Or better yet, get on pinterest. LOTS of fitness inspiration there. I'm not the quote motivated type...i'm the I wanna see motivation type.

So, who inspires you?

Don't just strive to be a great leader, strive to be someone's inspiration -NJ

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