Friday, July 2, 2010

The ABCs of ME!

So I'm starting my own thing. What is this thing u ask? Duh, whats the title of this post? Just kidding :)
So again, hey to all my peeps and new peeps...(in my UFC ref voice) LET'S GET IT ON!!!

A: Most favorite summer ACTIVITY: BBQs! Really anything that allows me to be outside all the time. Have I mentioned I LOVE THE SUN?! No? Well I LOVE THE SUN! :) lol

B: What did you eat for BREAKFAST this morning: Caramel frappe

C: I like my COFFEE: Black with a spoonful of sugar.

D: Last time you went to the DENTIST: Probably when I was in high school. In was a week after I graduated from high, when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. HA!

E: Have you ever ridden on an ELEPHANT: Why, yes I have lol. And not like when I was a kid or anything. The circus was in town one year when I was still in college. I was a little tipsy and was dared to ride it. So I did.

F: FAKE or real: Aahhh, real. But next year, fake! Then I can really say, everything's bigger in Texas ;)

G: GPA when you GRADUATED high school: 3.4 I was a smart cheerleader :)

H: Right HANDED or left: I, like the majority, am right handed. But I can color with my left hand. But its not like I get to show off that talent anymore.

I: Favorite flavor of ICE CREAM: CHOCOLATE!!! Or rocky road. Or chocolate chip cookie dough.

J: Piece of JEWELRY you always have on: My wedding ring of course. And my great-grandmother's diamond earrings that I just got for my 30th birthday.

K: Hot dog-->KETCHUP or mustard: Are you kidding me? Ketchup is for burgers and fries. Mustard on mine please. With relish.

L: How old were you when you got your drivers LICENSE: Got my permit when I was 15 and the very next week, I got my license.

M: What MOVIE can you watch over and over: Serendipity or Fools Rush In. I like romantic comedies.

N: NEVER leave home without: My blackberry or wallet. And Bo---Stanky's stuffed beagle that he takes EVERYWHERE. Me? can't live without my BB, him? can't live without that damn dog LOL

O: Regular or golden OREOS: Love, love, love the golden ones.

P: What do you like on your PIZZA: Pepperoni and mushrooms. ALWAYS.

Q: Favorite QUOTE: Right now-->"Just because you are immersed in the important task of raising human beings, doesn't mean you should lose sight of your individual needs." (via @tedrubin)

R: Last time you danced in the RAIN: It was actually tonight. We had just got home from Big Daddy's rugby practice, and I was getting Stanky out of the car. He started shaking his booty, so I shook mine. LOL.

S: Public SCHOOL or private: LMAO!!! Private. All 13 years.

T: What TIME do you eat lunch: Its been varying the past couple of weeks. We're in the middle of transitioning about 200 parks over to new equipment, so I can barely even get a chance to breathe sometimes. I usually try and take my lunch around 1pm or 2pm.

U: Have you ever had to wear a UNIFORM: YES! I went to private school from kindergarten until I graduated from high school. I also used to manage a pretzel place and had to wear a uniform. Oh and I was a cheerleader so ya that too.

V: Where would your dream VACATION be: Italy. Better yet...Egypt. I love love love everything egyptian.

W: Last letter you WROTE: Was to Big Daddy...It was for this past Valentine's day.

X: Last time you had an X-RAY: I think it was my 3rd year of college. I was working out with a couple guys from the cheerleading squad, you know going through stunts. Well I am a tiny person so when I get tossed in the air, I tend to "float." We were practicing just a simple basket toss, and I floated to the right some. I was caught--sorta, but still jammed my wrist into the ground "pretty gnarly.'' (HAHA thats what the DOCTOR told me).

Y: Any YOUNGER siblings: Yup. 2 sisters..Trisha and Shauna Alexis.

Z: ZEBRAS-->Black with white stripes or white with black stripes: Ummm whatever. I say black with white stripes because black is my favorite color.



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  3. i love this! but - do you hafta come up with all the abc words yourself? i think it would probably take me a good week - and who has time for that s*%&?? stoppin by from mommas!

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  8. Hi Nicole!

    What a fun post! Love it!

    Btw, thanks for your comment in my blog. To reply your question, I think I'm going to write up a post of the things I researched prior to the big move out of blogger.

    At least that way, I get to yak yak yak more (I could go on and on hahaha... but only when my toddler is asleep of course!)

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  9. All I know is that I TOTALLY want to come to Italy with you : )
    And I would also like to dance in the rain with you and Bo : ) You have such a fun life and you always make me smile!

  10. I saw your son's avatar over at Life with Kaishon's blog and thought what a cutie he is! Loved the ABC's of you!