Friday, July 9, 2010

ABCs of ME (7/9/10)

So...I'm doing it different...again :)
Every Friday I am going to feature one letter. So 26 weeks of ME! I mean this whole blog is about me, but you know what I mean. So, of course, A:

AGE: :) Dirty 30 baby!!! Yup I am totally ok with it now.

What is the longest AIRPLANE ride that you've ever taken: It would have to be from Hawaii to England. Of course it wasn't a direct flight. It was like 20 hours, including layovers. Longest without layovers-->New York to England, I think it was like 15 hours.

Are you ALLERGIC to anything: Crazy enough I am allergic to apple flavoring or something like that. I can eat an apple just fine but like applesauce or apple juice, oh hell no! My throat gets all itchy and then I start to lose my breath. When I was younger, I had to be rushed to the E.R. because I couldn't breathe.

Do you have an ALIAS: Totally wish I had a cool name like 007 or something but no. From when I was in like elementary school, everyone called me BABY. I was, and still am, very petite. I look like I'm like 18, but am 30, which is SUCH a blessing :). I always hung out with people who were older than me too.

Mouthwash - before or AFTER: So most of you know my on-going debate about mouthwash. For my new followers/readers here's the deal..short and you use mouthwash before brushing your teeth or after? Me? AFTER. Won't get into it here, so check out the post. :)

Best ADVICE you've received this week: At least 10 minutes a day will keep the fat away. (10 minutes of cardio that is :)

Roughly, how many days were you ABSENT in high school: Ummm, does ditching count as being IN school, because you know, technically, I wasn't absent. I showed up, just didn't stay lol. So I would say like maybe 45 days in 4 years. But wait! I had Skinny my junior year so add 3 months to that. Total: 135 days.

Who do you ADMIRE the most (in real life): I would have to say my 2nd oldest Milkshake. A couple months before his 3rd birthday is when he was hospitalized and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He will be 12 this November. Can you imagine, being a kid and being told that you can't have your own birthday cake? Or having your fingers pricked numerous times throughout the day and getting shots in your arms and legs EVERY SINGLE DAY?! He is my world and my life. He has taught me patience and understanding. Strength most of all.

Whats the one thing you ALWAYS do before going to bed: Wash my face!

Have you ever ridden in an AMBULANCE: Yes I have. Not a very good story behind it though. I came out of the experience with what they called slight amnesia. I think it lasted almost 3 months.



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  2. * My daughter is allergic to molds and husband - pet dander. Once in a while, something would mold and that triggers a bad cough for my daughter that can last up to a month.

    * I use mouthwash AFTER I brush.

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