Friday, July 23, 2010

This is what I "B" like...(LMAO)

What's good y'all? Its FRIDAY! I don't know bout the rest of y'all but I am sure glad its FRIDAY! Ok no more yelling Friday lol. So, to carry on my tradition, let's get it started shall we?


How long have you been BLOGGING: So I'm totally cheating here because I have NO idea. I'll be right back...Ok so my first post was 11/09/08. WOW. So this November I would have been blogging for 2 years! I think I will have a celebration with guest posts and CAKE!

When was your BIG day: September 25, 2005. And had our traditional Hawaiian ceremony October 15, 2006. Great stories too: we were originally supposed to get married on September 24th, but that damn hurricane Rita decided to come and nixed the whole damn thing. I was completely devastated and cried myself to sleep wondering why something so bad had to happen. I woke up the next morning to a clear sky and birds chirping. 8am the justice of the peace called and said she would love to marry us that night and at 8pm in front of some wonderful friends we were married. Since our family was not present, we decided to do a traditional ceremony for them back home in Hawaii. The morning of the wedding we woke up to the house shaking. Big Daddy was like what in the hell was that. Still sleepy I was like, oh probably a helicopter just flying too low. (My house in Hawaii was right below the helicopter landing pad at Tripler Hospital). Anyways, it turned out to be a 6.7 magnitude earthquake that shook all the islands. Power was out and everything! But we were only in Hawaii for the wedding so the show went on. No power meant traffic lights were out, roads were closed, and no A.C. But the show went on. They moved the wedding from a ballroom to like a covered patio area where they do large scale meetings. Since there was no power, we had no hot food. They offered us all the cold food that they had in the fridges: crab legs, shrimp, salads, sandwichs...etc. A lot of the guests did not make it due to road closures and the airport being shut down. But it was amazing!

What is your BIGGEST fear: Not to sound too morbid or anything but dying before Xavier graduates from high school.

What size BED do you have: A queen. I am a tiny little woman and Big Daddy is always saying we need a bigger bed lol. Ya I like to roll EVERYWHERE!

Have you ever eaten a BUG: LMAO! I can say I have, and yes on my free will too. Last week friday we got some bacon and cheese flavored crickets for my brother-in-law...well we were gonna make him. Anyways, he was a wuss...spitting everywhere, guzzling down juice. Well...Big Daddy and I had a couple drinks and was like hey, let's eat one too. I mean why the hell not right? It tasted like the shell of a sunflower seed. Salty. Nothing like bacon and cheese. So there. Never again.

What do you like on your BURGER: Cheese, mayo, bbq sauce, onion rings, and maybe some mushrooms too.

BLOGGER or wordpress: Blogger obviously. Have thought about making the switch, but just not sure yet.

BOYS or girls: Well DUH! LOL. I LOVE boys! Love them so much I got married to one, birthed 4 of em, and own 2 male dogs too. :)

Whats your favorite BOB MARLEY song:

The BUNNY HOP or the electric slide:


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