Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is why Thomas is a keeper

We are in Cove today at VonTrapp's house. We'll be celebrating Juju's 4th birthday when she gets home from work. Anyways...we bought a printer at Wally back in Austin last night, but when we opened the box, there were cords and stuff missing. So while in Cove, we decided to bring it back to the Wally here and get another.

(Waiting for the Wally lady to scan the printer and check the receipt---u know)

WALLY LADY: You boys are so good. So quiet.

STANKY: Ya. I soppin (shopping)

WALLY LADY (to me): Can they have a sticker?

ME: Oh totally! Look guys, stickers. What do you say?

STANKY: Tickers!! Ooh tickers!

JUJU (with his head down--sticks out his arm): Ya

ME: What do you say?

STANKY: Tank you.

WALLY LADY: You are such good quiet boys.

BIG DADDY (pointing at Juju): Today he turns 4.

WALLY LADY: Well thats good.

Mind you Juju still has his head down and doesn't even bother acknowledging her. So we thank her again and start pushing the cart to customer service.

ME: Juju, that lady was nice. What's wrong?

JUJU: I'm cross.

ME: Why are you cross?

JUJU: Because. Diesel is cross and does not like that.

ME: So you didn't like that?

JUJU: Dat lady makes me cross.

ME: Does cross mean you're happy?

JUJU: Nooooooo. Cross is angry. Just like Diesel was cross on Thomas. You know. Thomas my movie. Dat lady makes me cross um because I don't like dis sticker. Its for babies.

Well thank you Thomas the tank engine for expanding my NOW 4 year old's vocabulary.


  1. Awww...Juju wants to be a big kid now. My lil girl who's five hates to be called a baby. She'll correct you right away when she's called that.

  2. LOL!! Aww. My 2 year old LOVES Thomas and I can see her doing that in the future.

    Following you from Friendly Friday Follow!! Hopefully you can stop by my blog and do the same!

  3. I love it!! Such a cute dialogue - Way to go Thomas for teaching new vocabulary!

  4. He is so cute. My daughter speaks to me in spanish because of Dora.

  5. That's great! Who says TV is bad for kids. When my son with Autism was basically not able to communicate he used phrases from TV to tell us things. He would recite lines that told us his emotions and basic needs. TV rocks!!!