Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the 4 to 1 blues...

Well big daddy (as the hubby would like to be called in blog world from now on) started back to work on monday after pretty much a whole year of just going to school. I had monday off, and took a pdo tuesday to take tank to the doctor for his regular checkup. I didn't want to have to pay for a whole week for juju and tank to go to daycare for only 3 days. So i decided to work the 4pm to 1am shift. Jase and Chad get home from school at 3 and then I leave for a little before 3:30. And they watch the little ones until about 5 when big daddy gets home.
so here I am...its finally midnight, and i'm the only agent up here in this section. Bored, sleepy, BORED!
But this time does give me a chance to reflect. Seriously. I've been working so much lately, that I haven't had time to just think about all the cool exciting things I wanna do this year. And no I really don't do the resolution thing. But I will this year. Lets see...
1. Make more individual time for each of my boys. I have so many now! LOL!!
2. Make more ALONE time for big daddy and me. And no not for that reason, but to just catch up and just be together. And it doesn't count when the kids are asleep.
3. Yell less. Besides the fact that I make an ugly face when I yell, I know scrunching up my face is just gonna give me premature wrinkles. But on a serious note..nothing really gets accomplished with yelling, NOTHING.
4. KEEP working out. I've been doing good for the past couple of months, very consistent.
5. Take a vacation! Well at least plan on taking a vaction

And thats all I have for now. I know, nothing dramatic. But as the week/month goes on, I know i'l think of something else.

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