Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a great day today!

No, seriously...no sarcasm.
First all, sorry Mr. Obama, but today is my day OFF! YES! And let me tell you, I needed it. Anyways..now on to you, Mr. Obama...what a great, historic day! I am glad that of all the days off I coulda had this week, it was today! Look out people...our time has come...finally I believe change will come! (haha that rhymed)
So how is my day starting out so far, you ask...well I'm blogging, which we know these past couple days I haven't been able to do, so YAY...feeding tank cheerios in his walker...isn't it hilarious that when learning to walk, your child goes backwards in his/her walker?! But boy can he make his way around our living and dining room backwards! Oh and just a quick comment about tank eating, this child has not a single tooth in his mouth, but still manages to eat chicken, and crackers! Last night he even had some beef ribs! Seriously, how is that even possible?! Anyways...Juju is watching mickey mouse clubhouse, naked, drinking a cup of milk. Don't judge me...we are still potty training, and being naked helps! Trust me...he rather pee in the pot than pee on himself..so far so good.
Its 8:17am now and that means I need to get off this chair, put a pull up on juju and head out the door to take them to daycare. Haha...how selfish am I...day off, and taking them to daycare..well in all honesty, I do have to get the carpets steamed today and having 4 feet and wheels around will definitely make it hard...so off to daycare until at least 2pm.
Later blog world...see you in a few!


  1. Have fun cleaning and watching the inaugruation- exciting day, no?