Monday, January 12, 2009

No better time for a blog makeover!

So I've been looking into getting someone to design my blog for me, especially since this new year has started. And as you know there are a ton of great people out there! But where do I start? I mean do i want something fun and cartoony, or simple yet fun? Oh the choices!
Well it looks like i don't have to wait any longer. Tara, over at Blog Makeovers by Tara is having a grand opening celebration introducing herself into the blog design world. And for the grand opening, she's giving away 2 free blog makeovers! Oooh pick me, pick me! Contest starts today and runs until next Monday, Jan. 19. The winner will be picked on the 20th. So now's a better time than ever to think about giving your blog a makeover! In addition to the giveaway, Tara is offering 15% off blog makeover orders placed before the 1st of February.

Here's what you get in your makeover package:
Custom background
Custom header
Custom made sidebar headers
Optional navigation Bar
Three column layout (seen here on this blog)
Custom made signature
Your own blog button

So congrats to Tara and good luck to me and everyone else entering the giveaway! Don't forget to visit Blog Makeovers by Tara today.

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  1. Got you for two enteries. Thanks for posting.

    Its 50% percent off instead of 15%, I made a mistake on my blog. OOOPPSS, thats not good for business. lol

    Thanks again,

  2. She is a great designer, I have had my website up for evah like almost a year now, but have failed to put it out there. scared. too many kids, and so on, I have like 230 different backgrounds and headers all free, but now there is like a million designers out there, so who knows if I will ever get it up or not.. tmi i know...

    hey I went to enter for that boy potty, but the link went to go so help, cuz I want to win that, or

    Maybe that is your plan, so you can win it... bwaahaa haaa

  3. Good luck on winning the free make-over!!

  4. You'll love Tara! She is so super sweet!!!!

    Even before the discount, the price for the blog design is awesome!!