Thursday, January 22, 2009


(Tara over at Our Princess In Pig Tails just had to vent! Good idea, I think i'm gonna join in too!)

I hate it when...
*You (meaning me) finally get around to mopping the kitchen floor an surrounding area and the dog decides at that precise time, he wants to go out to use the bathroom
*Everytime I make a genuine effort to keep our desk area clean and free of clutter, my husband decides he needs to find something, makes a mess while doing it, and proceeds to tell me that I need to keep everything in its place from now on..because.."Look at this mess!"
*Juju makes it to the potty, pulls his own pants down, and goes potty by himself, but then as soon as he pulls his pants/underwear back on he goes potty again, in his underwear.
*You excel in your job, only to be held back by seniority...yup thats right..Suzy, "So he has a question about his bill, he needs to talk to who then, billing?" gets a raise before you do.


  1. feels good to vent once in awhile!!

    By the way..I have a giveaway going on right now! You might be interested!!

  2. the one with the husband and the desk happens to me ALL the time!

    BTW...thanks for following:)