Friday, January 23, 2009

Grilling Goodness #15

So I have not participated in this yet but figured, hey why not? Seems cool enough and the best part EASY!!


1. Have you ever ridden a horse? Yes when I was a kid

2. Have you ever run out of gas? Once, and trust me it'll never happen again

3. How many different schools did you attend growing up? 3..K-8 @ St. John the Baptist, 9-10,12 @ St. Francis School, 11 @ Moanalua High School

4. Do you have, and use, a library card? Yes, everyone in the house has one, and yes we all use ours

5. Hand-wash or dishwasher? Hand wash...part of the boys' chores

6. Does your alarm clock beep or play music? it beeps

7. Do you know how to roller skate? yup, and inline skate too

8. What would you consider one of your biggest accomplishments? My boys!


  1. 2. Never say never, ha! :)

    4. I'm feeling more like a loser now!!

    7. I've wanted inline skates for a while now...I may have to break down and buy them for myself.

    Thank you for grilling with me!

  2. How fun!! My memories of horseback riding involved me being bucked off in a sticker patch. Fun times. lol

  3. Never ridden a horse, but eat them all the time...:0)

  4. What a great accomplishment! Your boys are SO cute. So cute I can't stand it! Look at those faces. Oh my gosh!