Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To kill a mockingbird....

Well I don't actually want to kill the mocking bird. Brief overview first:
For the past two weeks, I have been agressively potty training Juju. Little did I know I didn't need to be so agressive. Who knew a pair of Thomas the train underwear is all the push he needed. Anyways, to help the process, everytime he goes, we cheer and make a big deal outta the whole thing: "YES! and WOOHOO! Go Juju go!"
Now back to the point of this post:
The other day Juju came running into the living room where I was sitting. And this is how it went:

JUJU: "Mama poo poo! Poo poo mama!
ME: "Hold it Juju, hold it!

That's normally how it goes, whether it be pee or poo. So we pull his underwear down, and he sits on the potty.

ME: "2 minutes"
(about a minute later...)

JUJU: "Mama I poo!"
(this is when I go in and he stands up for me to see)

ME: "Woohoo big boy! You poo! Yes!"
JUJU: "Yes!"

Now as I'm taking out the little bucket thing to clean it out, Juju is saying over and over "I poo, I poo." Well as I lift it out of the base, the bucket almost slips outta my hand...

ME: "Oh shit!"
JUJU: "Mama what? Shit?"
ME: "Nothing baby don't say that word."

Well my husbands comes home later that afternoon and asks Juju what we did that day...

JUJU: "Went wamart." (he leaves out the L everytime)
HUBBY: "Did you go to the potty today?"
JUJU: "Oh yes."
HUBBY: "Good job Juju! Daddy big boy! Did you do anything else?"
JUJU: "I shit."
JUJU: "Daddy I shit."

At this point of course my husband looks at me, and I tell him what happened. All he could do was laugh and tell Juju not to say that word anymore.

I mean seriously...guess I have to be more careful with what I say.


  1. Kids will repeat it all.. lol

    That it hiliariouso!!! is that even a word?

    nice to meet you by the way....