Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hubby tag...

So Melinda over at The Felipe Squad is tagging all her readers to participate in why not.

Where we met: I was managing this hip hop clothing store and he just walked in..

How long we dated before we got hitched: About a year

How long have we been married: 4 years come September 25

What's my favorite feature about him: Seriously...his body!

What's my favorite quality about him: How he makes it his passion to make our family happy and successful

What's his nickname for me: Ungrateful bitch! naw just snuggly bear

His favorite color: He looks damn good in red, and wears it a lot...but we'll say..Texas orange and cream....we're a longhorns family!

His favorite food: Easy...BAR-B-QUE! Oh and my stuffed shells

His favorite sport: FOOTBALL and track!

Who said the L word first: It was me..but not to was like this...we moving into our first apartment together and got into a fight about who even knows what. Well I ended up leaving in the middle of unpacking. He called me on my cel phone to talk about it, and I was crying and said "well you know I love you"  and that was it. To this day I have absolutely NO idea what we even fought about.

First kiss when and where: My apartment 2 days after we met

Favorite couple thing to do: Go grocery shopping and watching movies...but not at the same time 

How many kids: All together 4--> I have 2 and we have 2 together

His hidden talent: Hmmmm...oh...minds out of the gutter

His age: 24...yup got me a young'n

His favorite music: Hip hop, old school R&B

What I admire most about him: His determination and drive and his honesty

His favorite pastimes: Drinking a cold beer, preferably a German one, watching football...or playing football..well playing any sport for that matter...and definitely working out!

Will he read this: On his own, doubtful...but if I ask him then yes

I TAG ANYONE and EVERYONE to post this tag about their wonderful hubby's

If you would like to see a picture of big daddy, check back on my other blog later today.


  1. My birthday is September 25! So while you are having a nice, romantic evening with hubby this year, remember that I was being pushed out of my mother's vagina exactly 30 years ago.

  2. 24! I feel REALLY old now.
    Aww, mini snuggly bear! Too cute :)