Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't text-ask your husband what he's doing cuz u might get this

So I'm at work, about to clock back in from lunch and decide to text big daddy to see what him and the monsters were doing. THIS is what he replied with......

First of all, he coulda called me and TOLD me first before making my heart drop into my stomach. some men have no sense. At least mine doesn't when put in the middle of a "crisis." (ya that was his exact word..crisis...see...MEN LOL)
Apparently, Stanky was asleep in our bedroom and big daddy was doing something in the living room. Well Juju loves to "check" on his bubba to make sure he's ok, and then comes out and tells us that Stanky is "sweeeeeping." But this time Juju comes out of the room and tells big daddy that Stanky needed him right now. He gets up off the couch and is about to go into the room and is met at our bedroom door with THAT picture.
Of course he panics, because he has no idea what the fuck just happened. He said it was crazy because there was blood on the bed where he obviously laid his head down after he got hurt, but really nothing anywhere else. Of course there was some on his face and his arm and body, but it wasn't dripping everywhere. Big daddy thinks he may have rolled off the bed and hit the corner of my night stand.
It looks like it could be a deep gash, but we're just not sure. I know you're thinking well what the fuck do  you mean you're not it's really crazy because its not even bleeding anymore. Big daddy said it was liked it stopped bleeding when he cleaned it the first time. I promise that if by tomorrow it doesn't look better or starts bleeding again, I WILL take him to the doctor. So for tonight he is under observation. His cut has been cleaned and liquid stitched. He has been given acetaminophen in case of pain, and is currently laying on my leg snoring his cute little butt off.


  1. Oh! That pictures makes me so sad! I would of freaked!! Poor kid. Best wishes. I hope all is well.

  2. Oh no! Yes, definitely a heads up before sending you that picture would have been nice!

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    Men just don't think sometimes! They aren't good at the mommy stuff.

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  6. Yikes! I hope your little one is feeling better. What a scary text pic.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm also in TX. Stay cool this weekend (SO HOTTTTT)

  7. Oh! Poor baby!!! Men, though. GAH!

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  8. omgosh!!! poor thing! i'd have freaked out!!

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