Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"My boo-yo no more hurt mommy"

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It has been, well it still actually IS, truly an experience trying to potty train Stanky. He tells us he has to go pee, but does it in his diaper anyway. Then we had a set back...diarrhea. And then came...DIAPER RASH. Uggghhhh. 2 years old and diaper rash. The last time I remember him having a rash was when he first started walking. Poor little guy. He was walking funny and kept saying how much "in my die-pa hurt me mommy."
I HATE diaper rash cream. Especially because everything I ever tried just never really seems to work, and it smells soooo awful. So I made a call to a friend back in Louisiana...Boudreaux's Butt Paste
. Seriously? Butt paste? Butt paste. I've heard of it, but never did try it. Basically I just assumed it was like all the other diaper creams out there: smelly more than anything, sticky, and hard to wipe off. Boy was I wrong. So on the recommendation of damn near all the moms I knew in Shreveport, there I was buying Boudreaux's Butt Paste for my 2 year old. First thing, wow, there was no awful zinc smell, and secondly, it was easy to apply, and at the next diaper change (blah) it was easy to wipe off so I could reapply a "fresh coat." LOL. In just 24 hours, his little red "boo-yo" wasn't so red anymore. I have never seen anything so gentle work so well. AND it didn't smell bad. SWEET! Two days later, after a fresh diaper change, Stanky stands up and before he puts his shorts back on, those words come out of his mouth: "My boo-yo no more hurt mommy." YES!! Even though the rash is gone, I still use it to prevent another rash from appearing again. Especially since there are still going to be a few more days of pee filled diapers. Hopefully not months.
So here's a quick run down:
Boudreaux's Butt Paste spreads on easily, cleans off quickly, and has a pleasant scent. It's a diaper rash ointment, skin protectant, helps to prevent diaper rash, protects chafed skin, and seals out wetness. Available in convenient foil pack, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4 oz tubes and 16oz jar. Available in drug, discount or grocery store chains nationwide. 
And aside from all that, its FAMOUS. Its been featured on 
• Oprah Show 
• Tonight Show 
• Today Show 
• People Magazine 
• While You Were Out TLC

Still not a believer? Are you kidding me? :) But seriously...Wanna see the sweetness for your self? Follow this link to learn more about Boudreaux's and to also get a free sample: 

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  1. I LOVE,LOVE LOVE, B.'s Butt Paste! My son STILL gets a rash sometimes and he's 10, for Pete's sake! That stuff is miraculous! Have you tried it on your feet during the winter? Instant softener.