Friday, May 7, 2010

"Mommy, you a boy"

So Juju and I were watching Thomas the Train on DVD and looking through a magazine yesterday. I think I was looking through my Oxygen magazine.

ME: Juju, is this a boy or a girl? (pointing to some chick in an ad)
JUJU: Girl.
ME: Is this a boy or a girl? (pointing to a dude standing behind, and gawking at the girl in the ad)
JUJU: Boy.
ME: Are you a boy or a girl?
JUJU: Ima boy. Silly mommy.
ME: What about Stanky?
JUJU: Him a boy too.
ME: What about daddy?
JUJU: Daddy a boy mommy duh.
ME: What about Skinny and Milkshake?
JUJU: Dey my bubbas. Dem boys too.
ME: What about mommy?
JUJU: Mommy you a boy.
ME: No. Mommy's a girl remember?
JUJU: No mommy you a boy.
ME: Why is mommy a boy?
JUJU: We play outside wit da mud. And you work out. And you build cages. And you play cars. And we play guns. Das what boys do mommy. So you a boy duh.

Well I was told wasn't I? LOL.


  1. I cannot wait for my youngest to start spouting out stuff like this. Excuse me while I use the potty now, I damn near just peed myself!

  2. Bwhaha! They're so insightful...My son is going thru the boy/girl phase as well...trying to figure out who is who...he's pretty spot on tho..because if you have boobs, you're a girl..PERIOD! ;)

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  7. LOl, that is too funnt!

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  8. aww what a great post!!! lol.. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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  11. That's so cute! I would be nice if they stayed that age...Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Mother's Day!


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  13. too cute! can't wait till my little one can talk! i'm your newest follower!

  14. Your kid is so cute.. and kinda right :):) haha oh and I'm following you back from FF! btw we live south Germany now:) Happy Monday!

  15. So cute! I remember my little boy telling me that I had to be a boy when he was about two years old. I think he didn't want me to feel left out!

  16. Uh, duh!!! I love it, and as the mom of 3 boy I'm one too! Except that I don't have a penis and that makes me way uncool!

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