Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Even after you had a grueling workout, and you smell worse than your husbands arm pit after a whole day of sweating in the 90 degree Texas sun...even though you sweated so much you could fill and entire baby pool of it, do you ever, EVER take a shower while 1: you are running the dishwasher, 2: you are washing a load of whites, and 3: you are drying a queen sized comforter....all at the same time. Cuz guess what?! There will be, well actually there will NOT be...I remind you NOT be...any hot water whatsoever!
What in the hell was I thinking?


  1. LOL!!

    Yes, you have to time it right or else you get the short end of the stick!

    Or I do the laundry on cold and that helps a little.

    Sorry your shower was cold...but yay for the workout!

  2. Been there, done that! BAD idea!

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