Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh what I would give to be a boy RIGHT NOW!

I know you're thinking, WTF, but seriously. Its pretty humid today in the lone star state. Well at least here in Austin. Now mind you, it is NOT and I repeat NOT as humid as it is in Shreveport. Anyways...we went to the mall which was cool. I mean even the drive wasn't too bad. Big daddy has an Amigo and we can pull the top down like a jeep. But when we came out of the mall, WOW. I don't know what happened. Walking to the truck was not fun with 2 sticky little guys. We put the top back up because the sun was just beaming too, but boy I think that was a bad idea. LOL. We had the air on and everything but those sweaty little monsters were just uncomfortable. They were tired and thirsty and whiny. Oh were they whiny! We finally made it home and they did a dash for the front door as soon as we let them out the car.
I had left my house key, so we had to wait for big daddy to unload the truck before opening the door. AHHHHHHH....sweet air condition. The door hadn't even closed all the way and the monsters were already stripped down to a diaper and underwear. I turn around and big daddy is already in his boxers sprawled out on the couch. I have a dress on and all I can do is go in our room and "fan" myself with it. Ladies you know what I mean. Ugggghhhhh.

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