Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday!

February's assignment: For every Friday in February, post a picture of "Love". That means you can post photos of people in love or showing love. You could post photos of those you love or simply photos you love. February is pretty much up for grabs as to what you can post. 

So I found this meme last week and love it! Here's to you Melinda!

Christmas eve 2006! Big daddy is so handsome isnt he?! LOL...He looks so much younger in this picture. (Currently, his head is still bald, but he's rockin some facial hair...mustache and goatee)

This was taken this time last year...and I still had 2 more months to go! I'm a little girl, and when this picture was taken I had already gained just about 30 lbs. And with 2 more months to go, you can imagine what I looked like. My hair is also still long and dark in this picture. (Currently my hair is right above my shoulders and highlighted)

So let the world see your past! I love it! Visit Melinda today, and every friday, for this super fun meme!


  1. Great pictures! You have such a pretty smile!! You remind me of one of my friends!!

  2. Your smile is contagious : ) So glad you joined in this week. I love your photos!

  3. Those are so sweet looking. You look great.