Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So for week 5 of the i heart faces weekly contest, the theme is "SILLY". Again I decided to do the kids category. Should be easy right? Um...NO! I have been sitting here for an hour going over all the pictures we have! I think I finally got it. I mean this IS the face juju makes when we say "silly face" when we're taking pictures.

And here's the kicker...I decided to also enter in an adult entry too! 

This is big daddy. We took the boys to the arcade where they won all these tickets. The prizes were nothing to get excited about, so skinny, milkshake, and big daddy decided to get the bubble glasses and vampire teeth. Do you know he spent the rest of the afternoon lke that?! OMG!

So join in on the fun. Visit I heart faces and play along. Today is the last day to put in your silly faces. So go NOW.


  1. he looks so funny (and scary)- did he freak out your kids?

  2. Look at your silly boys. They are so cute.

    I don't think there are tags in the fake purses to say where they are from. It's illegal you know... I think you can get some knockoffs at a site i linked to a few days ago when I was writing about the Prada fairy bag.

  3. Love your sons face! Too cute!!

    LOLOL @ your hubby wearing that all day!!! I'm sure he got tons of stares!

  4. What a gorgeous boy...ahem....your son that is. And I'm thinkin your boys have a lot of fun with their daddy, lol, or is their mommy possibly sillier? lol Great photos!

  5. Okay, that adult photo is too much fun! I can just picture the hilarities that ensued. What a fun daddy!