Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just a random post about nothing

So I've been working this mid shift at work (4pm to 1am), and haven't really had a chance to just sit down and blog. I've just been super exhausted. So what else have I been up to besides sleeping through day-time tv? Well saturday, valentine's day, I was off from work. So big daddy and I took the kids out. We went to one of the malls out here and just walked around, window shopping, and just enjoying each other's company. Big daddy and I have never really done anything for v-day. We exchange cards and stuff, have dinner, and just are with each big deal. He doesn't believe in buying into all the hype...WHATEVER! I love that he's the rebellious, independent type....but this year for the first time, I was really hoping for something. More than a card. Oh well. He loves me, and I love him, and with our conflicting work schedules (him 7-4, me 4-1), I'm just happy about the TIME I got with him that day. And besides, he always out does himself on my birthday every year!
Click HERE to see some v-day pics.
Had yesterday off. And so did big daddy! (wink, wink) Took the little ones to daycare, and the rest...well...I was exhausted...but not from working till 1 yesterday morning! Had a GREAT start to our day of running around doing errands. Stopped by Sylvan to talk with them about their program and setting up a date/time for skinny to take his assessment. He's 12, going through his changes, and just having a hard time with math and english. Hopefully, he'll gain the confidence to know and do better in school. More on that later. I got my hair cut too. Short. Now it sits right on top of my shoulders. So whats the big deal you ask? Well I've always had long hair. ALWAYS. LONG. Down to my booty! Then when juju was born, I cut it to between like my bra strap and waist. Which is how I've kept it. In December I cut it to between the top of my shoulder and my bra strap. And now...its officially short! And I love it! I'll have someone take a picture of me and my new 'do later.
Well blogsters, hate to do it, but I gotsta go! Gotta stop by walmart and pick up some turkey sandwich meat for big daddy's lunch for the rest of the week, and get juju another "out" cup. Out cup is a sippy cup that he uses when we're going places. Like in the car. Sometimes he takes it to daycare when he's lazy. Haha. So later blogsters! Have a great rest of the day!


  1. Just came upon your blog and I'm not sure how I even got here!!! Your baby is darling. I can definitly relate to being outnumbered, I have 3 boys and a husband. We also work opposite schedules and dont get much time together.

  2. could you imagine Maka when we had only the 5 girls and me.. Poor outnumbered people... tee hee.