Friday, February 27, 2009


So sue me for being a slacker these past couple weeks or so. whats the occassion for this special "real" post you ask? Nothing really. I'm having a pretty relaxing morning so far, not even a tired bug in sight! So how about a quick update? NO? Well too bad....
Next week I go back to a normal schedule (8:00-5:00). If you work or know someone that works in a call center, then this could be both a good and bad thing. I've been meaning to post about my'll just leave it at that, and you can look forward to a post later.
Had the day off yesterday to catch up with cleaning and me time. Did some laundry, cleaned my bathroom, organized the little ones' bedroom, got my nails done, and even did a little window shopping. Big daddy even ordered me a mini laptop yesterday! YAY!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll actually receive it in 3-5 days like they say. So now all I need is a new cel phone!
Speaking of big daddy, we're getting him a new, used car tomorrow. He's really excited! He has a 1993 red jimmy, but the steering column broke so now it just sits in our a very awkward angle if you ask me. See?

So where was I? Oh ya (had to scroll up lol) he's getting a new car. Well SUV. Its an older Isuzu Amigo, manual. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow when we go and pick it up.
I've ben thinking about getting back to my creative side, so to start, I'm making an alphabet book for juju. It's still in its bare almost everything I need, just need to print out a bunch of pictures for it. I plan on getting this completed by next sunday. So look for my post on it then. 
I started my supplements yesterday! Woohoo! Just the kick I've been needing! Big daddy are doing it together. I forgot to take my before picture yesterday...oh well...I guess in 90 days you'll just get to see the after picture.
So long for now. I'm off to Walmart to print some pictures, then off to maybe Hobby Lobby for more cardstock. Oh and then, heading over to Target to check out Peek. Whats Peek you ask? Well if you don't know you can cheat and google it, but if you can wait...I'll hopefully show you later. And then later I'm picking up juju's new bed! First off to shower. Still kinda stinky from my workout this morning! 


  1. At least you worked out, I been playing website making, and getting fatter!

  2. Firstly- I need to give you props. CSR's are the foundation to every company! I highly respect them. I was a call center manager and I know what hard work it is. Pat yourself on the back! Congrats on the new "used" vehicle- can't wait to see the pic!

    Rachel Ferrucci