Monday, March 2, 2009

"Just another manic monday....."

...Well sorta...I don't have to be in at work until 1pm today so I figure I can take it somewhat easy this morning. Ya right! First juju and I had a fight about what shirt he was going to wear today. I decided on just a black Akademiks shirt...HE wanted to wear his gymbo shirt..which he normally uses as a pajama shirt..the exact shirt he wore to bed last night. I take gymbo off, he puts gymbo back on. I finally get the shirt off him again and put it on the shelf so he can't reach it. Through tears and whinning, he finally gives in and keeps the shirt I picked out on. Tank woke up before juju did, so he was already dessed. I do a quick check of each of their bags for daycare, and then out of no where...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL? Figuring the dog just laid some nasty ass, I kept on with my business. 

(ya that was juju)

And he was right! I pick up tank and look him straight in those light brown eyes and say YOU! To which of course he just doubles over in giggles. I get him cleaned, get juju's jacket on, and then we're out the door. FINALLY! 
Now I'm sitting here listening to diesel whine because he wants out of his cage, so he can terrorize the new bunny we got yesterday. Its right before 9am now. I still have to workout, clean out the bunny's playpen of the massive amounts of poop balls that appeared over night (WTF?!), eat breakfast, go to walmart and then do some light cleaning before I have to get ready to go to work. And here I thought I was gonna have an easy morning.
So before I go, I just wanted to let y'all know that I SEE YOU! I got a couple new followers and wanted to tell them (especially) and of course everyone thats been following since the beginning....HEY Y'ALL! I've got some things planned for my blog so be on the watch...more REAL posts! LOL!!! (y'all know how much I love my memes!) 
Later gator!

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  1. ok, that is funny! I'll trade you Mondays anyday woman!!