Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 things I love about ME!

Thought this was totally fun and wanted to play along...thanks Groovy Baby Blog!

1. My smile...I have been told that my smile just lights up the room. Well the person who told me that did have A LOT to drink and probably just wanted to get in my pants, but I do agree with him. I have one of those ear to ear all the time too. I honestly do love my smile.

2. My taste in men..haha..Have you SEEN big daddy?! YUM! And lets just add this here...I love that I make GORGEOUS children! You've seen the pictures...look out girls...the boys' locker room is putting out drop dead gorgeous men! LMAO!!!! Reserve yours today!

3. My legs...Yes they're short, but boy oh boy are they toned! Its all those years of cheerleading...13 yrs to be exact...and dancing. 

4. I love that I'm all over the place...I like to always be doing something. Every now and then, like yesterday for example, I get into one of those I don't want to do anything moods. But I always, and quickly, bounce back. Whether its working or playing, I just need to always be doing something. Its like I have adult ADD, but not.

5. I'm a fun, friend type, just one of the boys type of mom. I love all things basketball and football related. I love playing guns and wrestling. Getting dirty? On a daily basis of course.

6. My height...I'm a little thing...4 foot 7 inches to be exact. (My 12 yr old is taller than I am) But being as tiny as I am, people have told me that from time to time, I can be very intimidating. Short and intimidating...I LOVE that!

7. My voice...Now I used to sing when I was younger, but not anymore. But I do like the sound of my voice. Well thats what my kids and big daddy says because I'm always yelling/shouting about something. Not scolding, just very loudly talking and laughing. I'll also voice comes out of my mouth...I love my lips! Not skinny and just the right fullness. I like to think I have those 'kiss me' lips...perfect!

8. That I LOOK like I'm in shape...when in reality, I do workout, but I also do scarf pizza and hamburgers, and drink beer with the rest of em. What can I metabolism is still going strong.

9. I'm semi creative...I say semi because I do start a lot of cool projects, but it just takes me some time to complete because,, kids, know...everyday stuff. I love origami and taking pictures. Currently, I'm making an alphabet book for my soon to be 3 yr old and making a diaper giraffe for a co-worker for her baby shower. (I promise to post pictures when each is completed).

10. I love to read! ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! Even if its just for a quick second, or when I'm sitting on the toilet. Thats one thing that I've always loved since I was really young. I love that I love to read..its very motivating for my boys..makes them want to read too. I mean hey I'm cool and I read so reading must DEFINITELY be cool!

So if you've read everything I love, you probably noticed how I threw in extra things I love about myself. In similar categories. See I follow directions...sorta...what can I say...I DO LOVE MYSELF. So tell me about YOU now. If any of you repost this, come back here and let me know so I can see how vain, I mean, how much love you have for yourself. LOL


  1. we are very similar- but you lost me at metabolism and reading. I have often thought that your smile is so vibrant! Good for you to have 10 things you like about yourself- and more I'm sure- you're a sweetheart!

  2. I wish I had a faster metabolism!! LOL