Saturday, March 21, 2009

"You know, like that sunset orangy-red"

(So I know I have been promising all week for part 2 of my fantabulous weekend in austin...I promise I'm still working on it. Just wanted to get this post out of my head.)

So...when big daddy and I were planning our vow renewal in October of 2006, my mom and I were desperately trying to find "my wedding colors." She would send me scraps of paper and fabric, but we could never get it just right. And my only response was always, "you know, that orangy-red color of the sun at sunset." We finally got it right and everything was beautiful.

Well on my way home from work last 7:22pm...I saw IT! My wedding color...just as I wanted it in all its glory. I live on the southwest side of my city, so it was like I was literally driving into this "orangy-red" circle. It was amazing! I tried taking pictures from my phone, but since I was in fact driving, the pictures didn't turn out so well. I couldn't get it to show the circle itself. And of course as soon as I got home I called my mom to tell her.

Well on my way in to work this 7:17 am...I saw it again! Now I already know I'm an emotional and sentimental basket case, but never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that a big orangy-red circle in the sky could make the tears start flowing. Big daddy and I had a pretty rough first year of marriage. I already had my 2 boys, and then juju was born like 10 months into our marriage. A lot on our plate at that time. And here we are...completely inseparable. Yes we irritate each other on a constant basis lol, but its fun! Like my mom says, "you act like like you don't know how to breathe when y'all are separated" (well she doesn't say y'all...she says you guys..but tomaTOE/tomaTOW).

So now I'm off to write part 2 of my weekend!
Later Gator!

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  1. This is so sweet : ). I love this post. I love that you saw that wedding color twice. It was God's special little gift to you last week : )