Friday, March 13, 2009

ReRuns are FUN!

So yesterday on my to-do list I said I had to get everything ready to be dropped off at reruns. I had PLANNED to post about it last night while I was at work, but I had got surprisingly busy..on a thursday..very odd. 
Anyways..reruns. What is it you ask? Well its actually called reruns are fun. Its a city wide consignment type of sale that is held twice a year, spring and fall/winter. And its all KID STUFF! Its really cool. So here's the run down. Its our spring sale now. So I take all of juju and tank's "spring stuff" that doesn't fit, plus toys and other junk they don't use anymore (potty, toys, etc) and label them..which is a requirement. I get to price everything at what I would like to sell it at. The lowest price is $3.00. So you put the size, description, and price of the item on an index card and safety pin it to the clothing (tape if not clothing), and then hang the clothes on a hanger. Once I have everything priced and labeled I take it to the "sale place" which is in an old department store, where they separate everything by size, type (toys, books, strollers,etc), and gender. Now how do I make sure I get paid? There's also a "seller's code" that you have to write on the index card. Its your initials and the last 4 digits of your phone number. So when I get to the place, I fill out the seller's agreement..which is where I would list my sellers code so they can track my earnings. And just like any consignment store, reruns are fun takes 30% off the total you make. Not too shabby huh? This past fall/winter sale I made over $200! Besides clothes this year, I'm taking juju's potty, his old race car bed that he HATES (boo! it was so cute too), and tank's old stroller and infant car seat (only because we got this cool jeep double stroller). its totally a great idea, and as long as I sell stuff I can 'replace' stuff, which is ALWAYS cool!
Well party people, I got LOTS to do today. Just wanted to post like I said I would. If I get everything done in time, I promise to come back and play before going outta town!
Later gator!


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  2. where and when is the reruns sale at? It sounds really cool.

  3. Wish they had something like that here! Would be very helpful with growing kids!!