Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our newest addition!

A woman I work with absoutely LOVES animals! She's got like a zoo thing going on at her house...minus the giraffes and hippos. (I was gonna say lions too, but she's got this pomeranian who looks like simba) Anyways...we were sitting around talking about pets, when she mentioned that she had a mini lop that was due to have babies soon. She went on to tell me about how easy they were to take care of and what a good first pet rabbits make. Well I was sold almost immediately! 

Isn't she a doll?! Her name is Marley. She fits so well in our home, and juju absolutely adores her! (And you know what? Who cares if she's a rabbit...she's a SHE!) I learned that she's also the type of rabbits that are bred to be eaten. And I'm not just saying her breed (mini lop), I mean HER...white with red eyes. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! She's tooo cute! So all you rabbit eatin folks better back up off my bunny! LOL! But man oh man can this girl eat! But of course we don't let her eat all day. I mean duh, if we did she would just become obese. Not a good look for a lttle lady! More pics of the little lady later. so long for now!

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