Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Where've you been?" (part 2)

Ok so...saturday (3/14)...because we had gotten in so late, and it took awhile for juju and tank to settle down, we ALL actually slept in a little bit...just until 8am. My MIL woke up milkshake to have breakfast (he's the one with type 1 diabetes). Tank woke up right at that time, so he and I joined milkshake and my MIL in the kitchen for some pancakes. Soon after juju was awake, and next skinny. Of course big daddy was still snoozing. I really tried to stay awake, but I was just too damn I handed tank over to the MIL and crawled back into bed. I heard big daddy get up but I was NOT gonna move. Around 10 or so I did finally make it out of bed. After all, we were driving into austin today. To help wake me up, big daddy and I took a shower. I bad...TMI. LOL! Anyways, after we showered and got dressed and got everyone else dressed, we were off to round rock. YAY!!!! But first lunch! The MIL took us to this thai restaurant. All I have to say is YUM! It was crazy good, and fresh, and super authentic. The cook aka the owner kept asking me if I was enjoying my food and if there was anything else that I needed. Just me. Weird right? Well before we left she asked if I thought everything was great and when I told her most definitely, she asked me if I was thai. So thats why she was beingEXTRA nice. Whatever I don't care. I told her I was 1/2 phillipino and 1/2 hawaiian and her face just lit up. Cool. 

The drive to austin was only like 45-50 min tops. We took MIL's car and the rental. And the scenery was just beautiful. I am so a desert person. So the first thing we did? You guessed it....SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ended up going to the round rock premium outlet mall. its an outdoor mall, kinda like we got here in shreveport, but WAY better. It was love at first site! As soon as we pulled in the first store I see...COACH! I didn't even say anything. Big daddy just looked over at me and shook his head. So we did our thing. don't wanna bore anyone.

Moving on...

We shopped, we ate, we had a good time. It was getting close to dinner time and big daddy and I had plans with a couple of his friends. So we said bye bye to the kids, and the MIL and all 4 of our boys drove off, back to cove. We met big daddy's best friend and another close friend at a restaurant for $1 drafts. Now I don't like beer, but they had this one that I think started with a Z....hell I don't remember....but anyways, it was so good. Smooth I guess is the better word. Big daddy said he's never seen me drink so much beer. Well after about 4 mugs a piece, the 4 of us ordered some food. We all had a great time and laughed too much! Big daddy and his friends got a chance to catch up, in person, with each others lives. After the restaurant, his friends took us to this small little bar/club. Now big daddy DOES NOT do the club stuff. This was the first time we have been out to the "club" together. The guys played pool and drank all night, and I danced and drank all night. Now big daddy is not very PDA...but he sure was that night. He was huggin on me, and givin me kisses outta no where...must've been the jeiger bombs (is that how u spell jeiger). Anyways, we had a great time. When the club closed, we made our way back home. After stopping and jack in the box first! I miss jack's. We used to have one here in shreveport, but they closed down the year I moved here. We made it to his best friends house, which is literally behind MIL's house. We ate and then I called it a night. Big daddy said he would walk home...since it just entailed jumping over the fence...and that I could take the car. so I left the 3 guys playing pool in the garage and I made my way home. It was a great night.

Part 3 will be posted later.

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  1. Oh, it sounds like so much fun : ). I have to go read part 1. Any mall with a Coach store in it has to be good : ). I hope you got something sensational!