Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Re-runs update....and then some...

So yesterday marked the first day of the sale. I'm off today so headed on over there. I got SO much stuff for $38.00. So as I was walking out, I see a group of people standing at the door, arms loaded with tagged goodies. They were all standing around this big table FILLING OUT SELLERS AGREEMENTS! Yup...I get another chance to bring my stuff in. YAY!!!!!!! 
I felt like I was speeding all the way home. Pulled into my carport and there it was...a door tag from FedEx. AAARRRGGGHHH I missed them. So I came into the house as fast as I could, dropping my purchases all over the kitchen floor, to get on the phone with fedex and beg them to come back. So what is soooooooo important you ask? Well mister fedex was delivering my brand new white mini laptop from dell! And according to the door tag, the shipment needed my signature. So I get on the phone and explain to Vanessa that I NEED this package. So what does she do? She gets on the phone and calls my local fedex shipment center and gets them to come back within the next hour! GO VANESSA! So I hate to make this SUPER short but I found some other stuff to tag and need to go do that. I'll be back tonight to post pics of the new laptop and pics of all the stuff I got today!
Later Gator!

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