Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Where've you been?" (part 1)

Here I promise...catching up on sleep that I obviously missed this past weekend. So here's my fabulous weekend run down...
I took friday off from work so I could get everything together. I went to pick up the rental all we really needed was a compact. You know just to drive around Texas with since we were also taking my truck. Well the lady at enterprise, who by the way was super friendly, says to me, "oh here comes your car now." How deceiving, because when I look out the window 2 cars are pulling in..a camry and a kia. Obviously I didn't get the camry. Anyways we do the normal inspection of the car and then I'm off. So I get home and just look at the car. I mean I know we said compact but this was super compact. So I call big daddy and he laughs. "Ha ha nothing dude, you're the one driving it." So of course his mood changes. Obviously this car "just won't do." (in those exact words) Man I wish I took a picture of the car. It was a base model kia rio. No power anything. Well I call back up to enterprise, per big daddy's instructions, "Tell them your husband says this car is too damn small. Tell them what real life grown man wants to drive THAT car." Well I didn't quite say it like that, but they got the point because I was promised that I would have the next size up within the next couple of hours. I was even promised an intermediate sized vehicle by 4:30pm, the time big daddy got off of work.
So rental car--CHECK.
I did some laundry, mostly boxers for big daddy and some jeans for me. While I was waiting on laundry , I finished tagging all my items for re-runs. I got the bunny a bag together of all the things she was gonna need for the "bunny babysitter" (who happened to be the lady that gave marley to juju). So off I go to bring marley to her house. Got all the way over there dropped her off, and then headed over to where they were holding the re-runs sale. But wait..I forgot all the stuff at home. AARRGGHHHH! It was already getting late plus it was raining re-runs sale for me this year. BOO! Oh year then.
So bunny--CHECK, laundry--CHECK, re-runs--UNCHECK BOO!
So feeling a little pissed off, I decided to work out. P90x Kenpo is the ULTIMATE cardio! Got my heart rate up and was able to release some energy and pissed off-ness. Laundry was done so all I had to do was get clothes together for juju and tank. Skinny and milkshake packed all their stuff the night before and so did big daddy. 
So pack clothes--CHECK.
Now all that was left to do was wait on the lady from enterprise to call and tell me they found a car for me. So being the impatient person that I am, I call. Nope...nothing yet. But I was assured that I would have car very soon. And then no later than 10 minutes since I called my phone rings. I answer and all I hear is "pontiac g6." YES! So I went back up there and traded my mini car for the pontiac.
Now I know I've just been babbling...sorry...but I've missed you guys! So to wrap up friday's events...Big daddy got home around 4:45 and we were all packed and headed to the gas station to fill up at 5:30pm. Got taco bell and then we were the rain mind you. Got stuck in one lane interstate traffic for absolutely no reason for like 40 min, which made our drive longer than expected. But we got into Copperas Cove (where my hubby was from...where we were staying...with his mom..yuck) around 12:15am. 
Let me get my "chores" on for a little bit and I'll come back and post part 2.


  1. My husband is pretty tall and I think I'd get a kick outta him in a compact!

  2. Big daddy is like 5 ft 10...not super tall, but he says he was TOO buff for that little car! silly!

  3. Could you imagine a Tongan in that thing.. rofl...