Monday, February 2, 2009


So Maggie over at Life With Boys has tagged me with the letter "S".  Not sure where or even when this started, but if you want to play along (which I know you will), leave me a comment and I will assign you a letter. So this is how it get a letter, then you need to post ten things you love that start with that letter and explain each thing on your blog. Come back here to let me know when you've posted so I can visit you and see what you have to say. Let's keep this going! 

So back to me and my letter "S" this is harder than I thought...

1. SEX
Yes I said it, and no, I don't think y'all want me to get into why I like sex. It should be pretty obvious...duh...4 kids! Big daddy didn't get that name just because...LMAO...ok, ok TMI I know...I just couldn't help myself that time. But on a serious note, in all honesty, I love it because of the person I'm having it with. Big daddy makes me feel SEXY...even when I'm yelling at him or complaining. Its love and pure bliss!

I love shopping for my boys! There's not a really big selection when it comes to boys clothes...jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes...BLAH! But I just absolutely love shopping for the latest boy trends, like rocker tees and even torn jeans! And now that juju is potty trained, believe it or not, I'm on the prowl for some cool toddler underwear! Oh and don't get me started on shoes (which by the way is my #3 love)...I'm always shopping for shoes for my cleats, basketball shoes, skateboarding shoes, shoes for school, and shoes just to go out with...Jordan's, Converse, Nike's...the list just goes on and on, repeating itself!

There is only one word...OBSESSED! I think I have over 40 pairs of shoes that I've accumulated just in the last year alone! My all time favorite is stillettos!!!!!! The higher the heel the better!

Ok so thats 4 things...well its #4 on my list...anyways...What can I say? I am from Hawaii. I learned to swim almost as soon as I learned to walk. I am SO a beach person! Whenever I do make it back home to visit, I spend just about everyday there on the beach! I love the sun! And walking on the beach...come on...natural pedicure! I can just fall asleep on my towel with not a care in the world. And surfing? I think I learned how to surf when I was 5.

Lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, fish, oysters oh my! I think this probably has a lot to do with being from Hawaii. I remember going deep sea fishing with an uncle and catching this HUGE marlin! As soon as we made it back to the shore, my family set up a bonfire and cooked it right away. There have even been times we would go to the beach and swim out to the reef, and cut these little things called opihis right off the coral and the rock and just eat it right there. (They're like little oysters or clams)

In Hawaii we call em slippers, here in the states, they're flip flops. I hate my toes being covered up. I hate socks, and closed toe shoes. Even in the winter, I have my toes out!

Fruit and alcohol what more is there to say about that?! The first time I ever had it was when I was in college, go figure huh? My dorm-mate, me, and a bunch of other people went to this AMAZING mexican restaurant where they were known for they're margaritas and sangrias. Had a margarita before so tried out the sangria. We, well I know I did, drank SOOOOOO much! We danced all night and the next morning I didn't even wake up with a hangover.

Yes I admit it, I love spam. Something about that salty canned mm good! You know its practically a staple in Hawaii. My favorite way to eat spam is in a spam musubi: rice shaped into a rectangle with a slice of fried spam on top, wrapped in some nori...YUM! 

I think thats how you spell it...anyways..big daddy is half german (moms is german, dad is black). Well right after we got married, we drove to Texas where his moms lives. We got there around lunch, and thats what she made. I WAS HOOKED! All it is, is either a pork or turkey cutlet battered and fried. So good!

10. SEX
Ya I know I already said this. But hey its so damn good it deserves 2 spots! 'Nuff said!

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